Of Words and Women

For those women who are thinking of writing something sometime in the future, to get their voice heard; now is the time.”


Inspired by the title of Steinbeck’s “Of Mice and Men”, I have chosen to write words that may resonate with women, mothers and daughters.

I, just like many others, and perhaps even you, have been dreaming of creating my own work of literature someday. Then suddenly I realised that 30 years had passed since I thought someday was in the future. Well, that future is now for me.

They say it’s best to write what you know, so I want to do just that. I want my novel to reflect what I know, about being a woman, a mother and a little of what I don’t really know, but would like to, about being a daughter.

I’d like to share with you the trials and tribulations, together with the excitement and small satisfactions, of dipping my toes into the literary world.

Here’s a place for those women who are thinking of writing something sometime in the future, to get their voices heard; well, now is the time.

Don’t wait for thirty years like I did.  

Just sit down and write.

About the Author

Marie fell in love when she was thirteen years old. Not with the boy next door, not with her literature teacher (although he was quite cool at the time) but with the Spanish language.
After a complicated childhood, she was faced with the loss of some of her closest family members in her early teens. In that fog, she began Spanish classes at school and it literally changed her life. She took on another ‘persona’, changed her name to ‘Maria’, and threw herself into learning Spanish and dreaming about a life in Spain.
She graduated in Spanish Language and Political Science in the UK and moved to the country she had dreamed of so much. Marie qualified as a teacher of Spanish and French and as a Teacher of English as a Foreign Language. She is also a qualified translator (Spanish-English).
Marie has been living and teaching English, Spanish, translating and writing short stories in Spain for many years.
Her most beloved past time is learning about the culture and history of Spain, especially that of Andalucía, on the southern Mediterranean coast.
Marie is now fulfilling her other dream; that of writing words for women, about women.

Marie Ryan Connolly

La Alhambra palace in Granada, southern Spain, has been witness to one of the most intriguing times in the history of medieval Spain. 
The last Emir of Granada, Boabdil, born into the illustrious Nasrid dynasty, is forced to surrender to Queen Isabella of Castile and to Ferdinand of Aragón. Leaving his beloved palace behind, he goes into exile with is family and a handful of trusted courtiers. 
Generations after the fall of Boabdil, Sultana arrives from her nearby home in Fez, Morocco, crossing the Mediterranean Sea on a perilous journey on a rickety patera, in search of the Alhambra palace she has read so much about in her history books. Her journey takes her through a quiet Andalusian fishing village, drawing her to La Alhambra, still miles away. 
Meanwhile, in Fez, Mohammed, seeks revenge on Boabdil, for having surrendered La Alhambra 700 years ago. He will put an end to the Nasrid dynasty once and for all or die trying, for the sake of his ancestors. 
How will the past of 700 years ago impact so much on the present? 
Some myth, some legend, but much, much truth

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